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The teacher within, the teacher without

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» I'm blogging State (Part last.)
Jesus wept. And so did I.

But let me start at the beginning.

The day started off on a down note, as the kids were supposed to be at the van by 7:15 Some were still in bed asleep. So I was in a foul mood, and still was when I dropped the kids off in the testing room.

I went to the grading room to proof the test, only to find very few coaches there. Most wanted to drop off their kids at the calculator test (understandably so) and yet had left all the Number Sense business hanging. Ideally we should have been able to get verification started closer to 8:20 (the time the student's started) but couldn't until after 9:00. Thankfully there were no issues with either the test or the key.

As a matter of good policy, 5A coaches don't grade 5A papers. So we graded the 3A papers (if you have a pink TDP on your paper, that's mine -- I imagine close to 70% do.) We knocked them out, discussed our grading differences, and I went to get a soda.

When I came back, they were ready to start the reading of the scores. Of course, being both 5A and Region IV, my kids scores were the last ones called out.

When I heard the 5A scores called out, and heard the high scores out, I figured that it was another year of good show, kids. Not disappointment, but acceptance. Even getting to state is an honor, and with every team in 5A having a score above 750, it's not supposed to be easy.

And then I heard my kids scores -- 319...310...332...192, I knew it'd be close.

Fool that I am, I didn't bring a calculator to the university that day, and had to hand-calculate team scores.


(Nerd that I am, my first thought was 31 squared.)

Then I started calculating other teams scores. I missed a carry on the Klein score at first, and had them at 942. I double-checked the team scores and corrected it.

952. One question away. And with verification to come.

Talk about a nervous lunch.

So, yes, tears of joy. And of anticipation of heartbreak, since I've experienced heartbreak of this sort before (although not at the state level.)

We went to KFC on North Lamar because there was a Half-Price books and a Goodwill store there. I got a potty for my son (a pretty wooden one, with a TP rack on one side and a place for books on the other) and got some old math texts from HPB (a simple pleasure of mine.)

Went back, found a parking space near Welch (that I later got ticketed at) and waited.

Short story -- The kids won state. First time for our school. And I feel blessed.

Thanks for all that congratulated me -- I was (and still am) speechless.

Hope everyone gets home okay.

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